Voodoo Kid

Developer/Publisher:  Infogrames

Walkthrough by Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin (1997)
Please note that this walkthrough concentrates upon the essential actions necessary to complete the game. There are many other items to investigate along the way that have not been included. Click on everything, there are lots of surprises in store.

The Hold
You start out in the hold. Listen to the Zombie Butler who warns you about the Baron then watch him jump down the hole. Look down hole to learn that you must free the captain. Look at chest to get the sad tale of the crewman and learn about the Baron's sacred objects. Examine work bench, there's a mould and a drawing of a bag and water. Take the bag of clay, now where's the water? Pull the lever above the painting. You can't reach, so push the box to climb up. Use the lever to raise the floor to get the bucket of water. Now for the mould, put the clay and the water in it and take the medallion.

Examine boarded doorway to learn you might have to be a little less-substantial to go that way, so cross to other side of the hold (beyond filled-in hole). Talk to the Butler, he wants the Baron's hat. Examine coils of rope, they act like snakes and something's hidden inside. Examine treasure chest to the right ... you must turn the coloured rings to connect the spider's legs, and the spider must be facing upwards. Now tickle it to open the chest and take flute, hat and loa. Give hat to Butler and he'll give you a clue about the flute and some pieces of a torn map. You will have to find the rest before you can piece it together. Use flute on the ropes and they will trap you. The Butler appears and tells you to use the loa. Do this and your spirit/ghost leaves your body. Remember the boarded doorway? You can now get through the planks to another hold, so off there. Examine bookshelf and read old book that falls to the floor to learn snake charming tune. Back to the rope and play the flute to free yourself. Take the bone from rope and use it on the ladder to climb up to ...

The Butler is trapped and needs your help. Talk to him for clue about table and lighting the candles ... you need a light. Cross to table at other side of room and look at book to learn about magic shoes, take surgeon's knife. Look at hurricane lamp, it's out of reach. Back to other side of cabin and open porthole. A sea monster bumps the ship and the lamp lowers on a rope. Use knife to cut rope and get lamp. Now use lamp to light candles ... too windy? Did you remember to close the porthole? When the candles are lit the cursor changes to an eye dropper and two coins/seals appear on the desk, one plain and one coloured. You must turn the plain coin to the colour of the other one so use the dropper on the blob of candle wax in the holder to make the colour, eg. yellow + blue = green. Get both colours in the dropper before using it on the coin. You will get more pieces of the map. Continue left to ...

Take crowbar from open chest. Walk right between the bed and Christmas tree ... whoops you might need another way to pass. Look closely at the left of the tree for hanging rope and cut it with the knife. You'll now swing across the trap. Take shoes from floor, you have to quickly squash some bugs here. Pull the lever on the shelves to move zombie bed. Take the axe heads. Go right to ...

Move the wheat sack then open trapdoor with the crowbar to get chain and bag of ground bones. You must now get past the rats. Note hook on the ceiling, use chain on it then use hook to swing to other side. Take firewood (though we never found a use for this except to burn it on the stove) then right to ...

Check out the utensils and take screwdriver. Open stove to get recipe. Look at table, there is a cake tin and a bowl of puke jelly. Put jelly in tin then add powdered bone. Take cake tin. Now go to other side of kitchen and examine conveyor belt and 'pass-through' and note there's a hole for a lever on the prehistoric toaster. Take lever from floor in front of clock and use it on the toaster to start the conveyor belt. It's going the wrong way! Pull lever to change direction. Now to open the 'pass-through'. Look at cogs on wall, you must use the spare cogs to link up the two already in place. If the cogs are numbered 1 to 5, small to big, then place them from left to right in this order 32415. You may need to play around with the actual placement. Once this is done correctly you must chose between two switches, the minus switch opens the 'pass-through'. Take a ride to ...

Dining room
Note locked drinks cupboard. Go to other side and take hammer from bench. Talk to Butler, he wants some water. Try to go up ladder, you can't because of fire. Back to drinks cupboard and use hammer to open it. Take water and loa. Give water to Butler, he puts out fire in fireplace and says you need magic water to put out the ladder fire ... but you are trapped. Use the loa and your spirit/ghost is released. Go into fireplace and up to ...

Look around then go to the washbasin. Solve the plumbing puzzle, it's not too difficult so no hints here. This puts out the fire. Back downstairs and the real you can now climb the ladder to ...

First Deck
Try to enter the Baron's cabin, you can't open the door, you can't defeat him yet. Look at barrels and take the saw. Look at lectern (a map would be useful here) so just take the pin cushion for now. If you try to go left you'll fall down to the dining room so you need to move the sail. Turning the windlass helps. Now go left and ring bell to call Butler for hint that you need the completed map. Click on the mast for more words of wisdom, you can't go up until you are ready ... the very end of the game. Left and talk to the captain to learn he needs a bar of soap to free his wooden leg, in return he'll give you a piece of map. Give cake to skeleton parrot for clue on how to beat the Baron. (When the Baron uses fire to attack use water. When he uses water use air and when he uses air use fire.) Now step in voodoo puddle for brief trip to poop deck where a zombie appears and you jump down into shooting gallery. You must shoot at least 6 zombies before you can return to voodoo puddle. Then back to ...

Poop deck
It's now clear of zombies so look at the cannon and you will see the bar of soap on a plank to the right. The arrows move the cannon so experiment until you hit the soap. Having problems well ... move cannon right once and raise it as high as it will go. Fire to land ball in top bucket to move the lower bucket out of the way. Move cannon right again and lower it twice. Fire to knock soap onto see-saw plank. Lower cannon once and fire to get the soap.

Now look around some more and note the post with two shinbones. Use saw on it to get the bones and make a proper set of axes. They'll need sharpening so use screwdriver to fix sharpening wheel, then sharpen axes.

Deck again
Return to Captain and give him the soap in return for loa and some more map pieces. You're now stuck again, so use loa, to free your spirit and head for the Baron's cabin. Look at compass and take final map pieces and assemble it. Note gunpowder then read book on lectern for hint about pin cushion. Click on myna bird and it will fly to the gunpowder and spill some. A wind will blow the gunpowder on to you ... you are now hot stuff. Exit and return to your body to remove air trap. Put map on lectern in front of wheel to turn the ship around.

You have all you need so now for the mast. Click on it and you will automatically climb it using the axes and shoes. Note the voodoo container at the end of the yard arm. In the crow's nest you will confront the Baron and automatically use the medallion. Head right, you're too scared. You'll need to use the rope from the centre of the mast first. Cross to the voodoo amulet (container) and use the pin cushion on the face carved in wax to free the souls. Now to fight the Baron ... the skeleton parrot repeats the clues for you, so good luck ... and get a good nights sleep :-)

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Copyright © Rosemary Young and Gordon Aplin 1997. All rights reserved.